1. ​​Filling up of ‘Visitor’s Form’ in front of Reception Desk. Reception Desk will give the schedule of interview.
  2. Interview of Parents by Head of Madrasa.
  3. Preliminary selected students will be assessed through 3-5 classes.
  4. Based on the assessment report, students will be allowed to get the admission.
  5. Admission formalities to be completed within 5 working days as the seats are limited to 20 only. 
  6. Signing the admission form by the parents will confirm their strict adherence with the discipline, punctuality, rules, regulations and instructions of this institution. 
  7. Parents, if desire, may withdraw their children with 100% refund of admission fee only within the 1st month of admission. 50% of admission fee will be refunded if the withdraw is within 2nd month of admission.   
  8. Admission of any student may be cancelled at anytime if found non-adherence with the discipline, punctuality, rules, regulations and instructions of the institution. In that case, no admission fee will be refunded. 
  9. It is expected that parents will keep the commitment of paying the monthly tuitions and other charges by 10th of each month.  A letter, describing the subsequent administrative actions, will be issued to the defaulters who will fail to pay in due time for consecutive two months. Prior written permission to be taken if they are in a crisis to pay the tuitions within the timeframe.
  10. Education is a combined tuned-effort of the students, teachers and parents. If these three components can be synchronized properly, no doubt, your child would be an invaluable asset of the Nation,  In Sha Allah.